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Acting Clips

"Anthony Adu was articulate, engaging, and personable as the Actor and took us on the journey with the perfect blend of comedic charm and dramatic intensity." Read More

Michael Mulhern

"Adu steals the show as Oliver by serving as a hysterical contrast to Moll’s wit." Read More

Claudia Glenn

"Anthony Adu does a smashing job of playing the awkward gangly queen that develops into a full fledge super queen, but watch out; the physical comedy is strong in this one." Read More

Brock Benson

"Adu brought lots of laughs as the grouchy, selfish Mr. Mushnik, playing the character’s over-the-top self pity with wonderful humor." Read More

Monica McFadden

"Anthony Adu creates a great impression of a sweet, somewhat dopey but charming teenager without making Bobbi an outright caricature." Read More

Juliet Wittman

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